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Yes, We do take custom orders

We do on occasion take custom orders.  We especially like doing museum reproductions, family heirloom swords, game or movie inspired swords.

How to Order


 1 - Contact & Discussion 

Contact us through Facebook, Instagram or email (see contact page). Provide us with your concept, including any details, sketches or photos.  We will respond within 1 - 2 days to discuss design, materials, etc.

2 - Price Quote

Once we agree on a few details and materials, we will provide a price quote.  If you agree and wish to proceed with the project, we ask for a $100 deposit to hold your spot in the backlog.  Note that our backlog is generally 6 - 9 months but we will provide an estimated completion date when you place your order.


3 - Concept Drawing

Just prior to starting your project, we will provide a concept drawing and confirm the design, materials, etc. 

4 - The build

Throughout the build process, we will provide progress images and video's, keeping you involved throughout. 

Once your sword or knife is finished, we will provide an invoice with the balance plus shipping cost.

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